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“The real estate market around Toulouse is not lacking in attractiveness “

There is no shortage of buyers looking for a main residence around the pink city.Virginie Montagné, director of the Virginie Montagné agency in Toulouse, deciphers the real estate market in the Occitan metropolis.

How is the real estate market in the Toulouse metropolis?

It is a very attractive market that is growing by 8.7%. Despite the health crisis, it has started up again as soon as the real estate market recovered and prices remain high in the Toulouse metropolis. To buy a house in the area, you need to count on average 3,763 $/m².

In which municipalities do buyers direct their search?

Many buyers want to stay close to Toulouse, preferring municipalities that quickly serve the pink city, especially for workers. The municipalities in the inner suburbs are highly attractive, including Tournefeuille, which is located 13 km from Toulouse and has the advantage of being close to Blagnac and its aeronautics centre.In addition, it is a medium-sized town with many green spaces and is connected to Toulouse by a fast bus line with a large time zone. On the opposite side of Tournefeuille, Saint-Orens-de-Gameville is located near the Labège shopping complex, in the immediate vicinity of the Toulouse ring road.

The average property price in Toulouse is 3 140 $/m².

What are the most sought-after properties in the Toulouse region?

Buyers are mainly looking for houses to accommodate their families and to have space. Since the resumption of real estate activity, the demand for real estate with an exterior has increased considerably. Buyers no longer easily compromise on this criterion which has become unavoidable. Houses are therefore the big winners of the health crisis we have just gone through.

In the commune of Tournefeuille, we recently sold a house of 150 m² on a plot of 500 m², located in the heart of the village, at 500 000 $.South-east of Toulouse, in Saint-Orens-de-Gameville, a house of 120 m² with a plot of 400 m² went for 280 000 $.At this price, it needed some refreshment, but no major work.

Certainly, the Toulouse metropolis is still accessible compared to Paris, Lyon or Nice, where house prices are over 5,000 $/m², and up to 5,914 $/m² in the Greater Paris metropolis. Buyers should also take advantage of this as long as mortgage rates remain low. A rise in rates in the medium term is not to be excluded, as a slight increase is already being observed. If they wait, they are also exposed to a possible price increase.

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