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The fake books, the influencer and her "crime of lese-legitimacy"

While in Paris, a princess in Chanel tweed spoke literature on a light sofa, a French reality TV star exposed himself to criticism for having done, in a funny mirror game, the promotion on social networks of a fake Chanel book.

What is a fake book? Let's say it's the size of a beautiful book on a fashion house, the graphic allure of a beautiful book on a fashion house, but it's no more and no less than a decorative plastic cubicle.Without pages, nor words.A box at 19.99 euros that it is impossible to open, a "real good plan" assures Maddy Burciaga, the accustomed to reality TV who tries to sell it to us.This fake book is much less expensive than "the real official books with pages", and "you can use them to put them in a closet, a library", she argues."So enjoy! "

Republished on Twitter, these few stories have been widely mocked."What a horror", "what a shame", "the realm of the superficial", we could read.

It must be said that despite this promo code, fake books without pages by Maddy Burciaga are not the business of the century, because we find the same five times cheaper all over the Internet.A few months ago she was accused of scamming her subscribers by usurping the name of the Bardot Foundation, which does not help to trust her.But all the same.All this nervousness for clubs!

Posted Date: 2021-02-10

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