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In Oman, a small village transforms its traditional mud houses into hotels

Misfat al-Abriyeen (Oman) (AFP) - Perched on top of a mountain in Oman, the village of Misfat al-Abriyeen has changed its face by transforming its mud brick houses into hotels, luring tourists to a region famous for its hiking trails and old tales of geniuses.

This village of 800 inhabitants, located in the North, on the spectacular escarpments of the "Grand Canyon" of Oman, opened its narrow streets six years ago to visitors seeking adventure in the deserts and green expanses of the Sultanate of.Gulf.

Yacoub Al-Abri, a village resident in his 40s, says it all started in 2010 when his uncle suggested taking a new look at the mud houses in the village, neglected for years and around three years old.hours drive from the capital Muscat.

The owners had abandoned these centuries-old houses, fearing they would collapse, to move to the other side of the village where they built new homes.

The idea was to "combine the simple and natural environment of traditional Omani living with a modern touch that brings comfort and security", explains Yacoub Al-Abri.

Houses made of mud and bricks with roofs made of palm leaves were thus transformed into simple but elegant inns, furnished with wood and traditional textiles.

After five years of preparation, the family's first hotel has been put into operation, inspiring many neighbors as well as other villages in different regions of Oman.Misfat al-Abriyeen now has six earthen hotels.

"We started with only five rooms, then we increased their number and bought other old houses.Today we have 15 rooms and we plan to continue until 50", rejoices Yacoub, now owner.of the hotel.

Posted Date: 2021-03-13

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